30 September 2017

Crazy Spiritual Drought

Nothing to use
Nothing to see
Life in a world
Struggling to be
Going for what we can get
Money or fame or sex
Cheap thrills on a thin dime
Like my new shoes
Like my new shirt
As long as no one gets too hurt
Drugs go in any orifice
Like a non-sexual orgasm
Gripping the fence
Hey now let us rub one out
The day is not spent
A crazy American Dream
Running out of time
Frame it all for notoriety
As art for the jaded
Spin it all out
Crazy spiritual drought
Then you come back
After a year or two
And I am glad I am not dead
We get back in bed
Sex and hugs
For hours and hours
Day and night
Until you depart

09 July 2017

And Her Wicked Smile Broke Through My Heart

Once upon a time in Hollywood
I met a golden hair beauty
Energy exploded off of her like an A-Bomb
A flurry of reckless abandon
Set to a rock and roll soundtrack
Punk rock was her middle name
I lost myself in her hazel green eyes
And her wicked smile broke through my heart
Life became an adventure with her
As if when I met her I was born again
My old life simply prelude to a new reality
There was pain in her soul
Pain that escaped from her being
Violent exodus of emotion
Extremely prescient of what was to come
But I still remember the early days with her
When legend was not set in stone
The energy of youth unrestrained
Holding her hand at the bar
Now those times seem distant
Clouded by earthly concerns
Eclipsed by a raging mad planet
Lost in the night
Yet time and space are illusion
Galaxies a mirage
Evil a shadow
Love the only truth
Love to be embraced
All that we ever had

31 March 2017

Souls Are Created By Blinding Love

The truth
Black holes give birth to stars
Stars die in black holes
Stars give birth to planets
Gas giant planets give birth to moons
The universe is eternal and infinite
The soul is an orb of light
My soul is encased in a human body
The human body is a machine
An incredibly complex machine
DNA is a code and a program
Each cell is a system
Souls are created by blinding love
Bodies, plants, and rocks are placed on earth
The air we breathe is a gift from the gods
We live many lives
Some move forward and learn the truth
Others choose to fall
The soul can climb to a dizzying height
In the fourth dimension there is no time
There are countless worlds with humanoids
The universe is teeming with life
All kinds of disparate beings
A soul may occupy your cat
In order to be near you
In order to be dear to you
Earth is a lower planet
Aim for utopia
Do the right thing and let go of the bad

28 February 2017

Satan Himself Could Make No Better Bargain

Burning breasts
Smoking in the night
Smell of incense from church
The drug takes hold of all senses
All pain is washed away
Completely flushed out
Like a psychic enema
Two years of relief
Time to remove the beatings of the past
Now to destroy every unkind word
Erase every savage look
Induce a feeling of peace and gratitude
Oh infernal narcotic!
Numb the very soul
Satan himself could make no better bargain
Embrace her in the throes of euphoria
A pagan in the wintry evening
Surrender to the morphine passion!
The poppies so red
The blood so scarlet
The moon so bright
Take her hand and guide her
Flow through her veins
All negativity wanes
The choker she wears is black
The dress she wears is black
The funeral is avoided
This time around

31 January 2017

Festering In The Wind

Living in the darkness
Devoid of truth
Horses with blinders on
The blind leading the blind
Ego takes hold of the soul
Defects burning like hot coals
Greed, envy and hate
Festering in the wind
Need to let go of negativity
Forgive others and ourselves
Or else be damned
The cat is warm and furry
I feel the purring heartbeat
Given to me for comfort
So I do not feel alone
A gift from the gods
As is the blonde
With full beautiful lips
And luscious soft skin
Engaging me in her orbit
Our souls entwining
I will venture into the night
The cool crisp air will engulf me
As I seek her out for comfort
The alcohol easing my anxiety
The day's concerns fading to dust
All tension and illness swept away
It is in the wind
She makes me whole again

12 December 2016

Memories In Mind And In Heart

Death is not the end
He was there when I needed a friend
Dark nights long ago
Riding on his motorcycle together
Through the L.A. streets
I showed him Hollywood and Downtown
He wore a gold chain from nose to ear
I shoved the safety pin through his ear lobe
Hanging out at Al's Bar
Eventually we got a car
We jammed on bass and guitar
I sang him songs like we were stars
Debauched nights and storied days
Together we even got laid
He was like a brother and always there
At the movies
At my first performance
He taught me how to drive
Wild times defined us then
Plenty of beer and wine and gin
Cigarette smoke in the air
Powder, herb on a dare
When I had nowhere to go
He would go with me
And vice versa
Then one day we drifted apart
All that was left was the art
Memories in mind and in heart
Until we meet on the other side

30 November 2016

Getting Blown By A Librarian Is The Best Way To Learn

We are not alone
Living in a bubble
In denial of the truth
Happy and satisfied
Playing with bones
Ego and drama
Reminds me of trauma
Taking ourselves so seriously
Pyramids and face
Mars is a freaky place
We are on a pretty little rock
Wrapped up in our lives
That is alright
But it is one bloody fight
Centuries of violence
Free will
But in the end
We can only save our individual selves
Eternal and infinite
Each planet seeded
Millions of years
Truth is hidden
Among our dreams
Does anyone remember their screams?
First thought, best thought
Getting blown by a librarian
Is the best way to learn
Don't you think so?

31 October 2016

Mixing My Eyes With Shards Of Broken Glass

Remember when we used to lie in bed
Talking through the sinking night?
You are like a kitten
A little girl
I can see the emotion on your face
In your heart is something
I cannot trace
Ambivalent physicality
You threaten to hit me
And rip out my eyes
Mixing my eyes with shards
Of broken glass
Your violent fantasies intrigue me
Then you stand before me
Looking pure as an angel
To where has the demon fled?
Perhaps hiding underneath the bed
I move to leave
But you want a hug
You hug hard
I let go before you do
And you look upset
Out the door
Winding through the daylight
Old streets
Same as before
Life is a door
That leads me back to you

30 September 2016

Idle Threats Washed Up On The Rocks

Stunning beauty
Raw and focused
Read my mind
Forsaken on the Boulevard
Like some primeval cat
Arms and legs
All over the place
I held you tightly
You whispered in my ear
We both knew
I could never hurt you
Idle threats washed up on the rocks
Of my cocktail glass
You have me by the balls of my soul
And I have your eternal trust
We kiss each other on the face
Sometimes I vomit in disgrace
Urine puke and feces
All over this damn place
But it feels like home
Home of the deranged
"Don't look at me"
"Stop looking at me"
Does it feel like visual rape?
Take a picture
It will last longer
A nice portrait

31 August 2016

Swirling Storm

Black pants
Black shirt
Black beret
Black shoes
Dirty blonde hair
Black lipstick
I sit watching you
Drinking vodka and Kahlua
On the rocks
Cherries on top
Corona beer with lime
All of the time
Without you this place is dead
Without you there is death
Death of the soul and heart
Death of the mind
I remember you sitting on my lap
Like a kitty Kat
My cock hardening against your ass
I remember kissing you on the mouth
You kiss hard
Bring out my Bard
You hit me hard on my toes
Rap your knuckles against mine
That fucking hurts
Makes me forget
The swirling storm
Inside me

31 July 2016

Let Us Drink To Loneliness Some Other Night

Facial recognition
Including your eyes
Standing there above me
No need for lies
Tethered together forever
Eternity is a long fucking time
Why so many lines?
Happenstance surrounds our lives
Let us drink to loneliness some other night
Wrestling with you during the morning light
Why do you bite your nails?
To cover up your crimes?
I would rather be here with you
No need for names or games
Dance with me in the street
So dark and alone
We own it
I cut out early last time
Nausea took hold of me
Outside it was so cold
You are so bold and take hold
The streets will lead me back to you
Like Henry and Anais
Blood and vomit on the sidewalk
Waiting to be washed away
Urine in the gutter
I knew her once
"Don't try" is what Hank said
It is there or not

30 June 2016

As We Leave Together

In love
With all
The simple ways you keep me
And not
Of the myriad ways you deceive them
And tell them we are just friends
I do not think a lot
About growing up
I know
Deep down
Under your facade
You spin the world to your liking
I remember
My shock
When I realized
It was all by your design
I do not feel so hot
When I am throwing up
Maybe my liver will persevere
Through centuries
Without any fear
But I am not going to stop
As long as you show up
Take me by my heart
And do with me what you will
Start an emotional war
For a sadistic thrill
As we leave together

31 May 2016

Like Some Overwhelming Destiny

On the streets
In a dream
That could never happen to anyone else
In a bar
In a car
Waiting for the sun to rise
With the gaze of your eyes
That see right through me
Send me
Through the night
As we fight
To keep existence at bay
Like some overwhelming destiny
You and I are here
Without any fear
Living the story we chose
Even though you do not remember
Anything from our distant past
I will show you everything in our souls
That I know
Is too difficult to bear
What will you do?
Deny all that too?
You can sing
You can dance
And forget everything we have done
But where will we go from here?
How many times to wipe your tears?
And I kiss your pain away

30 April 2016

Confessions Of A Hollywood Gutter Poet, Part 3

You crouch and urinate in the gutter
Sunset Boulevard
Two in the morning
Sunday mourning
Take a ride
To a cluttered place
Take off your shoes
Hike up your skirt
Your caramel skin is soft
Little black dress
Sleep a while
And at daybreak it starts
Hands on your smooth legs
Rubbing against your backside
My feet against your feet
The soles of your feet are incredibly soft
As is your butt
Hide your face in the pillow
Your hands have strange tattoos
I take you in my arms
Kiss your face
Shove my hand between your thighs
And work your clitoris and vagina until wet
Your pussy is shaved
I scratch my nails on the bristles of hair
I start rubbing my cock and balls against you
Rhythmically against your soft butt and back
You start gyrating back and forth to the motion
And I come on your ass

31 March 2016

Forever In Her Gaze

This planet is in a rage
Souls torn from the page
Owners are enraged
Slaves in a cage
Materialism phase
I think I need to piss
Has it come to this
You are such a pretty witch
Maybe our love will miss
And all the knowledge is for sale
I would rather be a whale
I watch so many people fail
Hatred brings us down
Like a cosmic sound
And fucks us all around
Forever in her gaze
I am lost in her maze
Her beauty can enrage
Pierce me with her eyes
Fuck the vagrant lies
Maybe she is wise
Out in the desert
Sitting in the dirt
Nothing will hurt
Nipples are still pert
Hallucinogens can be fun
If she is the one
Second to none
Until it all is done

29 February 2016

Confessions Of A Hollywood Gutter Poet, Part 2

Vomit in your dream
How do you like your hero?
Falling through the cracks of your heart
Matador your blade is swift and merciful
Shoulders of creamy white skin
Holding on tightly to every common sin
A fleeting moment of injustice
Be my brave little girl
Winning every street fight
Confident and proud
Drunken swagger of a she cat
I hate to lose you
Vanished in the night
A furtive goodbye
Vanquished before the dawn
Is the glass half full?
Half full of body parts
I recognize your stomach and eyes
Kisses of friendship under the street light
A prisoner of passion
A world of quiet desperation
No escape
Too long to say these things
Haunted in the night
Fuzzy twisted plight
Where does the road lead?
Angel of delight

31 January 2016

Confessions Of A Hollywood Gutter Poet

Oh I see you
Sitting on the sidewalk
Beauty amidst the urine soaked world
I have been in your bed
I have been in your heart
You say you love me
And send me away
Lost in the wretched night
I am lost in your spirit path
Degenerate and wild
I want to be like Henry
Fuck it all and tell the truth
Like his Rosy Crucifixion
To be baked
To be naked
To be served up for breakfast
Your kisses are soft and wet
I am bound to you
Mortification of our souls
Fuck the herpes infested city
I will drink to that...
Farewell my drunken toxic doll
I leave you to the filthy streets
I leave you to the rancid rabid dream
Forever will you feel me
Forever will we need each other
As we live the twisted parade
Life after life
Death after death

31 December 2015

Nom de guerre

One goal in mind
Our tradition
Fuel injected rage
Abandonment of mores
Honor among thieves
Words to live by
Primal instinct
Throughout the centuries
Nom de guerre
Low level planet
Amnesia of humanity
Where is my guru?
Somewhere beyond the stars

30 November 2015

A Silhouette In The Crimson Shadows, Part 2

An act of drunken fate
Brought us together
Through the darkened streets
Lit up by your smile
The touch of your hair
The feel of your soft skin
Enveloped in the night
Beginning our intimacy
The meeting of our souls once again
Hearts and minds fused
Things would never be the same between us
Sharing your room
Sharing the bed that smelled like you
Enclosed by the walls that enclosed you
And now we were enclosed by our love
We spoke of our pasts
The joy and the pain
The serenity and the horror
The wildness and the passion
I fed off of your energy
Infinity intersected the room
As if everything between us was meant to be
We spoke of life and death
Of suicide and hope
As we talked the sun rose
Casting its beams on us through the grayness of morning
I told you I never wanted you to leave
And you said you knew

31 October 2015

A Silhouette In The Crimson Shadows

At first it was quiet
Soft red reverie
Sultry evenings
The decay of the sun
A place to plunge into darkness
Escaping the mundane concerns of the day
Embrace the cold air
Pour wetness down the throat
And there she was
A silhouette in the crimson shadows
Regal beauty
Sometimes comic
Sometimes serene
I did not know how blessed I was
We would walk through the fire together
Beyond flesh
Beyond blood
Safe in a sonic womb
A longing in the heart
That is finally put to rest
Love burning in the ashes
Of countless lifetimes
Abuse and pain
Redemption and healing
All in a stunning dream
Remembered at dawn

30 September 2015

Love Among The Infernal Chaos

Darkness in her gaze
Slipping away in a nocturnal dream
Beyond my touch
A phantasm of my heart
I know her name
She must be real
Somewhere, somehow
The vision is lost in the night
The pain is cascading down like rain
The ancient city remains silent, stoic
Valkyries are descending
To claim the dead heroes
And I am left here to tend to the ruins
My mission is a strange habit
My soul has gone to sleep
Deep in a comatose slumber
Why is there no peace?
Is this exactly what we deserve?
But there is love
Love among the infernal chaos
The last shred of hope on a war torn planet
A world of barbarism and sadism
The smell of fresh death
The pit of fire meant to cleanse us from sin
The odor of sulfur permeates the air
Let this earth be our purgatory, our hell
As we dream of better worlds
You and I standing on the shoreline
Feeling the freedom of the wind

26 August 2015

You Are In My Stable Of Muses

Fallen angel
Dark hour of despair
Jungle rhymes
Snaking through your dirty blonde hair
Lighting up the night
With your special kind of fire
Leaving a trail of lust
Leaving us all in the pit of desire
I do not care if you scream at me
Vicious violent threats
I do not care if you laugh at me
I have no hellish regrets
I can play the game sister
I have been playing since your birth
Drop the darkest mask
In this game of sarcastic mirth
Do you think I would let you go
Running through the night
You are in my stable of muses
Reined in very tight
Chomp at the bit
I will pull back on the reins
It takes a hard mouth
One that never pains
We are bound like conjoined twins
Everyone can see
Loving, fighting and bleeding
Always you and me

26 July 2015

The Worm Is In The Snow

Down and out
Falling down
Blind rage
Hurt from long ago
Self-destruction tonight
Told to leave
The party never stops
Endless energy rolling along
I will roll with you
Until you take off like a rocket
What else can I do?
The worm is in the snow
No memories, no regrets
You say you are fine
Not really true
But I have never felt closer to you
You are the angel of my dreams
Burning down the night
Walking and talking like Rimbaud
I will be your Verlaine
Stumbling around in pain
We create our own hell
This is the season for it
You have captured the heart of the bear
Held the wild beast
In the palm of your hand

08 June 2015


The shambles of the night
Give way to the dawn
The sun streaming from your eyes
Lighting up the room
I can see your tenderness
The mercy in your smile
Flashes of truth and beauty
Illuminating psychic scars
My friend is here
From a past life
Where have you been?
It has been a long time
I have been waiting for you
I am here for you now
This is one crazy world
Better to team up and face it
I know it was painful
The things you went through
We have all been there
Naked and abused
Let me help you
Open up your heart
I am not trying to use you
Your soul is strong
Your spirit is alive
Night gives way to the dawn
Out of all the places in the world
I would rather be here with you
Sitting so close

25 May 2015

All Over The World

Drifting down from town to town
Get a job anywhere
Do what I want when I want
Fuck the system
Conformity is an addiction
Cats sleep during the day
Nocturnal felines do bite
You do not want to end up
Facing a tigress in a scratch fight
Fuck the people who fucked with you
Machine gun them down like World War Two
Better hold on to that knife next time
It might have been your best friend
Coming to your defense
A loyal blade
All over the world
You will only be you
A major distraction
To the life I knew
Amazing times riding on the wind
I do not want to be like I was before
Like a junkie looking to score
Someone using the world like a whore
Self-destruction is a desultory existence
Your smoky eyes push me past the mundane
The time is right
A shared experience
Culled from the shadows
Of our hearts

26 April 2015

Last Stop Before Oblivion

Watch it in the darkness
I do not want them to see my face
You are there in the light
Full of life
Everything on the line
The world would be empty without you
Like a lonely walk through the rain
Roses in the dark
The last stop before oblivion
Secret love
Bigger than the empty streets
You deserve much more than this
The world in the palm of your hand
I wanted to give you more
But the world is engulfed by night
And I only see the sun in you
I do not want to think about it
Escape down the river
The chemicals in my blood
The blood locking me in my body
Unable to leave this life
Stuck on this rock with you
It is what I chose
The chains that I wear
Almost forgetting freedom
But never alone
Never far from your gaze
Remembering your touch
Burned by your love

16 March 2015

X Kitty Kat Blues

Grab me by the hands
Pull me into the soft reddish glow
You are the cherry on top
Mix it strong street angel
Make me forget the squalor
Forget the dirty life outside
Dance for me sister dance
I want loud music pounding my skull
And liquor flowing down my throat
Nice place you have here mister
A vendetta against my soul
Hug me girl
I will kiss your head
You stand among the ruins
Beauty in the wasteland
Smoke that cigarette outside
I will guard an ocean of spirits
I came here for you
You came here for me
Our twisted fates
Reveal our destiny
Are the stars yours tonight?
Take my constellation
And put it between your breasts
Ex kitty kat blues
Need to be forgotten
Do not play that sad song
Leave if for another night
I will stumble out now

01 February 2015

A Dream, Part 2

I helped her with the luggage into the hotel.

I had a couple of friends with me.

While she was in the shower, I unpacked her clothes.  Expensive dresses and coats.  Then I sat with my friends and talked a little bit.

She came out of the shower and put on a white bathrobe.

Striking up a conversation with me she asked, "Do you still sing live?"

"No, but I was doing poetry readings on occasion," I replied.

"You should give it a rest," she said, brushing her hair.

"Which one?" I inquired.

"Whichever," she said.

She put the brush down and started checking messages on the phone.

"Do you still drink in lounges?" she asked, making a drinking gesture by pointing at her mouth with her thumb.

"You mean bars?" I asked.

"A matter of semantics," she said.

"Yes," I confessed, "but not every single day; just most days."

"Writers are a bunch of drunks," she retorted, while continuing to check her messages.

"That's a stereotype," I said, "the same as musicians all being drug addicts."

"Then I suppose we are both stereotypical," she said with a smile.

Her smile always took my breath away.

"Which club are you performing at tonight?" I asked, adjusting myself on the bed.

"Cherry's," she answered.

"Is that in East Hollywood?" I asked, "near that other place you used to work?"

"A few blocks from there," she responded.

Her name still draws a crowd, I thought.  Music was always her first love.

She answered a phone call and began a long conversation with someone while curled up with me on the bed.  I asked one of my friends how he was doing.  He just smiled.

Part 1 is here:  http://forbiddenpoetry.blogspot.com/2013/05/a-dream_829.html

22 January 2015

Getting Over Your Last Menstruation

Your misbegotten symphonies
Craving some wayward adventure
Drinking mother's milk
Akin to a lost animal
Another perfect day
I want to fall through the cracks
With you
Capture the sun for a few hours
On the run
Throw snowballs against your ride
Watch you pose for their dirty eyes
Fully exposed
Carte Blanche
But you want to sleep
All the time
Dive deep and sob and weep
Such a crime
Narcotic haze
Predetermined glory
Is this what you call a vacation?
Getting over your last menstruation
Settling for another Caucasian
Shaggy locks
Clothes out of some salon magazine
How about breakfast and drinks
"The lady doth protest too much methinks"
The Bard will charge it all on a credit card

11 December 2014

Spirit Of Satan

Dedicated to every David
Who will conquer their Goliath
The spirit of Satan tries to take hold
Takes me by the throat
Fills my mind with hate, envy and greed
Wages war on my integrity
Tempts me with every known sin
Exploits every weakness
Tries to drag me into the abyss
Espiritus de Satanas
Drives me crazy with anger
Challenges my pride
Fuels sloth
I shovel the food into my mouth
And use my genitalia for sex
Cannot decide on the list of sins
The eternal riddle
Remember the ancient time?
When blood sport ruled the earth?
Who fell in the arena for our sadism?
Lucifer may be myth
But the real evil lives among us
Do not let the darkness take hold
We have to pay for every crime
It is a sting operation
With a scorpion waiting
Do not take the bait
You will lose
The fall of man

30 November 2014

Ostrich Love

You believe we are alone
Head in the sand
Ostrich love
Cannot face the truth
Little girl
Wrapped up in the bows of dreams
Pour me a free shot
Just to pass the time
So you read someone's life story
Frozen image
Black nail polish
Your life is a story
Written in the breeze
Flying through the sky
All roads lead to Rome
Vagabonds see the truth
Tear down the satin veil
Fly over the earth
Still stuck on a beautiful rock
Wheels keep turning
Spinning down the road
There is no escape
Only at death
Did we do the right thing?
Sainthood is irrelevant
Just a nice thing
A way of saying
Thank you for giving it a shot

20 October 2014

Arthur Rimbaud Was Born Today

Blood underneath your nails
My blood....always mine
Kiss my scars
Pain of flesh....pain of heart
I want to suck your breasts
At first tenderly....then with lustful hunger
Cry out in joy
Cry out in despair
I can hear you
Loud and clear
Drunken degenerate dawn
Is that who you think I am?
When I gave you everything
When I made you feel
That it was only you....
No one sits on a mountain
Lording it over the world
Forty days in the desert
Being tempted by the beast
All the riches for you
If you worship the horned one
Sabotage destiny
And pull yourself down from the cross
Why are only men crucified?
Women get stoned
The needle enters the flesh
The needle is male
The flesh is female....
Arthur Rimbaud was born today
Revolution through blood and suffering
Remember our hellish season?
Our gaze locked
Our souls conjoined twins
Forever trapped inside of you
Watching the blood flow through your veins
Listening to your heart pounding drum
Sweeping vistas in your eyes
I never swore in your church
Never took your name in vain
Never brought any gift but love
I am at peace with that....

21 September 2014

Is The Sky On The Moon Saffron Yellow?

Hot as hell
Santa Ana
The devil's wind
But I never knew
Is the sky on the moon saffron yellow?
We are in a beautiful prison
And we all have a job to do
I would rather be dancing with you on Venus
Than sweating it out here in my cell
At least we know each other
Suffering in the containers
Is that all we are?
We need to learn a thing or two
Before we can play with the big dogs
Do not get your arm chewed off mon frere
I remember so little
No way to piece it all together
Somewhere it is all laid out
Making sense
Looking at the world from my vantage point
Logic has collapsed
Like a structure that is not sound
Awash in ignorance
We stumble on through
As if we were in Plato's cave
Watching the shadows on the wall
Beside the fire
Climb out and bask in the sun
The holy ones await us

31 August 2014

Feeling Lightheaded From The Loss Of Blood

Immersed in alcohol, poetry and love
Scourge of the fleas
Draining the blood from my ankles
Plague of the parasites
Living with the leeches
All these bloody dreams
Are they vanquished in your heart?
Feeling lightheaded from the loss of blood
Is this the end Jim?
Another blurry vision of the urban landscape?
Take my hand Sylvia
Show me the truth behind death
What the hell Hank
Tell it like it is
It is so dark Lou
When does the light come shining through?
Edgar it overcame you
Spinning in the madness
Engulfed in the sadness
Take it all the way now
Take it
Get into the car
The night is freedom
Drive me to the other side
Stare into my eyes
Do you see the truth?
Billions of worlds
Infinite reality
Infinite illusion

31 July 2014

Bring Me The Dead Green Parrot

Oh cat
Oh beast
Oh fangs
Oh fur
Nocturnal one
Bring me the dead green parrot
Bring me the decapitated mouse
The bloody entrails
Blood on the hard wood floor
Blood on the walls
Spread eagle massacre
Ritualistic slaughter
Dead bloody disemboweled bird
Jaws and paws and claws
What is this sacrifice?
Is this for me?
To prove your love?
I will feed and caress you
And you will remain loyal
I see love in your green eyes
It will get cold again
We will sleep entwined
I will hear and feel you purr
You will kill the giant moth
Torment the fly
Control the mice population
Earn your keep

25 June 2014

Even As The Sun Rises

And on this scintillating night
Getting what you want
"How does it feel?"
Do you often quote Dylan?
Only when it gets me what I want...she said
Maybe I can arrange that baby
Let us barter our wares
She took off her pink scarf
In a rather seductive manner
And eyed me coyly
Are you the princess beauty from the street?
If you will be my priest...take me now
I would rip apart the caravans of the carnival
To be with you...
Wear the tiara
I will kiss your feet
Do they call you queen?
It is no vulgarity
I feel no consummate shame
Drop dead delusions
Take me in....I want to taste your flesh
Then have your enjoyment
I have a fondness for you
You could have been my daughter
Full of love
But instead we are lovers
And we are close
Even as the sun rises
Through the windows

19 May 2014

Tending A Garden Millions Of Light Years From Here

The ultimate journey into hell
Smitten in their souls
Transgression its own reward
Carnival of desire
I feel it with you
Damn the consequences of our love
With love comes pain
I want to feel all the sadness in your heart
It is the only way to be with you
Be open
I want to come in completely
Thrash around the subconscious for a time
Slide with the blood through your veins
Penetrate your brain
Help the pancreas do its job
And the liver and the spleen
Everything in between
Will be mine
Sometimes I would rather be on another planet
I know you understand
Tending a garden millions of light years from here
Resting in utopia for a time
It would make me happy
If you would visit me there
We could have dinner and drinks
And watch the twin suns set
Without a care in that world
Take some time to relax
And just be

13 April 2014


Broken bottles and shattered dreams
Trying to find what this life means
I know you
What are you trying to find?
Deep down in yourself
You know
Break those windows
I love the sound of broken glass
Break the wine glass
Break the picture frame glass
Do you like to destroy?
Did you hold death in your hand?
Patronize the past
Submerge yourself in the lie
Life is an illusion
All the beauty that we can't fathom
My fucking life
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
I don't think you will
Put any more in your arm
Savage return
All that glitters is not love

31 March 2014

I Want To Fuck Every Last Heartache

When I saw you crouching naked
With a style only you have
Timeless and classic
Your gaze is for the ages
I am the lucky one
Living in your shadow
Waiting for the dawn
Every breath is precious
We are alive today
Caught up in each moment
I want to fuck every last heartache
Until the pain washes away
And the smile returns to your face
Tame the wild sunrise
You will have faith in me again
No matter how life decays
Questions about love
Emotion trumps logic
It is enough to be alive
Make an indelible mark
The world will only see you once
This special way is ephemeral
Savor it throughout the day
Embrace it at night
Flow with your energy
Mate with the sunset
You still grab me inside
And shake me around

12 February 2014

What Is Deepest In Your Heart

Double vodka greyhound
Haunting me always
Was it for you or for him?
You ordered it with such flamboyant style
Tipped the bartender an extravagant amount
As you swaggered away
But while you stood next to me
I took in all of your presence
No one has ever placed a close second
The very first time I saw you I knew
You were scheduled for greatness
No one else had such energy
Such explosive chemistry
Emanating from the very depths of your soul
What you had been through
That created such fervor in you
Or if born in such a tempest
That it simply came shattering through
My life was not quite the same
The remnants always remain
Slugging away at me from inside
And somehow I do not have all the pieces
I do not have the whole story of you
Something is hidden from my gaze
One thing that is the essence of you
I want to know your secret
What is deepest in your heart
That will put all things in balance
And never tear us apart

13 January 2014

Sultry Queen Of Controversy

Cannot help you
In any way shape or form
The drama plays out before my eyes
I sit here helpless and paralyzed
What the fuck to do?
I never know
I just hope for the best
Somehow you always pull through
Like some twisted saint
Or a cat landing on its feet
Nine lives
Another day, another battle
Does it matter if you win?
It makes no real difference
I will read about it later
Forget about it for now
Let us think of happier times
When youth held us in its embrace
The world was for the taking
Carpe mundus
You grabbed it all with both hands
As I observed with a furtive glance
Your hunger insatiable
I want to feed your soul
Somehow I will do something for you
Sultry queen of controversy
Do not forget the pills
Do not forget the wine
Do not forget to keep me entranced

30 December 2013

Feral Children

In exile with my cat
How dreadfully romantic
At least a feline for company
In my motel sanctuary

Where are my other cats?
The blonde, the brunette, the brown one?
Cascading through an American night
And hopefully not too terribly lost

The blonde cat is a dreamer
All of her dreams come true
Including the nightmares
She is possessed by her destiny

The brunette cat is a seer
Her life wrapped up in prophecy
I take her warnings seriously
She never steers me wrong

The brown cat is a reveler
Swept up in the moment
She dances for me by the fire
And leads me on a magical journey

I love all of my cats
Past, Present, Future
Feral children
Conceived in the wild

30 November 2013

Protect The Uterus

Red boots
marching down the boulevard
of broken dreams.
The beer flows like water
cascading down our throats
with quenching abandon.
Vodka and kahlua
brace my body
for the malt liquor impact.
Pizza is good
with two frosty mugs
of European brew.
Then by the pool
as the DJ's music pulsates
cocktails for two.
I smell the perfume
in your hair
as you lean against me.
As you dance dance dance
to the persistent beat
I watch completely entranced.
In due course Morpheus takes you
on a relaxing journey
to the world of dreams.
On the long voyage home
we stop to rest
and you protect the uterus.
Hold my hand
the rest of the way
into the endless night.

30 October 2013

When I Say I Love You, Call Me A Liar

When I say I love you
call me a liar.
Reach into your heart
and find all the frustration.
Throw your angst at me
only at me and no one else.
The look in your eyes
of a cornered creature
haunts me still
and keeps me guessing my twisted fate.
I have let it loose
let it bleed out of me.
Time is a tricky fucker.
The years take it all away
and give back all of
Anticlimactic victory?
Or the empty void we all know?
Our souls are not at peace.
We are alive and have a chance.
My friend died the other day.
Ironically that inspires me to go on.
What makes you get up in the morning?
Maybe for some it is a force of habit.
Habit is a tricky fucker.
Virtue or vice?
How do I know which is which?
I do not really care what is the final judgment.
Call me a liar.

03 September 2013

Some Strange Metamorphosis

Everything is her
From the moment
in the morning
when I try to open my eyes
To the time
at night
when I lapse
into unconsciousness
I cannot sleep much
because of her
And when I sleep
she fills my dreams
with her presence
with her mind
with her body
with her heart
When I need inspiration
she encourages me
When I need forgiveness
she shows me mercy
I do not exist without her
for she has taken me over
I have become part of her
through some strange metamorphosis
and my identity is completely subsumed
I have lost all other worldly desires
as she possesses my soul
I pray with all of my heart
that she does not lead me astray

06 August 2013

Closer To Your Soul (I Love You, Part 2)

I want to be the blood that runs through your veins
Feel your love even in the shadows
Closer to your soul
Get lost in your eyes
Be engulfed by you
Tear a page from your heart
Live in a dream
Take you by the hand
Worship the goddess
I will never betray your trust
Kindness in the soul
Caress with the eyes
Your statuesque beauty
Ingrained in my mind
The softest legs
Touched by my hands
Living in your spirit
Never want to stray from you
Hold you closer all the time
As you kiss my face endlessly
Your hands on my chest
Our mouths in a French kiss
Running my fingers through your hair
I will never let go of you
Through all of the centuries
Until the sun dies
The end

I Love You

I love you
No goddamn reason why
Fuck the mountains
Fuck the sky
I like the way your legs look
And the color of your eyes
I want to hold you so tight
In the middle of the night
Like the universe has exploded
And we are all that is left
If you deep throat me I will feel like a king
Control me with a cock ring
I want you to smother me with your crotch
It is your very soul I want to debauch
You are so pretty baby
Let the kingdoms fall into the dust
I want to press my face into your wet vagina
Wipe out any fucked up memories
Plow my cock into your cunt
Suck your nipples from the front
Bring your girlfriend along
We will sing a new song
Her clitoris will be her downfall
In a world of cosmic pleasure
You are my girl
Our tongues entwined
Orgasm by a thousand licks
Take me under your wings
I love you so much

21 July 2013

***My Degenerate Poetry***

a new poetry blog by Chris Steven Young


30 June 2013

Do The Distant Stars Burn For You?

Make-up gracing your face
Dance for me
Some wild impulsive exotic dance
Drive me into an esoteric heart wrenching trance
I saw you walking down the street
The beauty of your visage
Artistry in your stride
Your hair on fire in the sunlight
Do the distant stars burn for you?
Revel in the moment of seduction
As joy is released from your heart
Spinning out of control in a mad world
Do not fall down the staircase of your dreams
Bearing the bloody wounds of the fallen
You are the rocket that shoots across the world
Spreading anarchy and love to the people
Forbidden but not forsaken
I wish I could sail the rivers of blood in your body
Worship at your inner temple
Enter the majestic gates of your soul
Free me of this molten destiny
Forever in your tender grasp
Final in its ultimate fate
Is this where the path has led us?
Bracing ourselves with all of our love
Spiraling out of control on this planet
My madness and your madness

01 May 2013

A Dream

He raised the vermouth bottle to a large glass cylindrical mixer. I asked him to "please make it very dry."

He poured some vermouth into the cylinder and I said, “That’s enough, thanks.”

“Is your name Mitchell?” I inquired.

“No,” he said, “my name is Monvreau."

I watched him mix the martini. He was short and stocky with caramel colored skin.

“I’m sorry I did not remember your name,” I said, “I am not very good with names.”

“That is OK,” he said, as he smiled and handed me a perfectly cold martini in a frosted glass.

“That’s OK,” the blonde woman whispered to me.

Monvreau left the tastefully decorated room, leaving me alone with the tall blonde woman who was sitting to my right on the sofa.

The room was dimly lit and ornate in its décor.

She had her head down from taking pills. Our feet were bare and rubbing against each other. Her hand seemed small in mine. Smaller than I remembered. She massaged my right hand with both of her soft hands as I studied her finger nails.

“Your feet are better than stone,” she said, without raising her head.

I took a sip from the martini in my left hand. It was strong and bracing.

As her head was still bowed I noticed the nice white skin of the back of her neck.

I leaned over and passionately kissed her there.

15 April 2013

In Her Sad Eyes I Live Forever

The politics of love
Words that hurt and confuse
Even though no harm was meant
Destruction through verse
Breaking her heart into ten million pieces
Heartbreak in her eyes
Anger from her lips
In her sad eyes I live forever
Hurricanes of emotion from her soul
Will she ever understand it all
How much I bled in her presence
Hiding the fountain of love
Behind the darkest mask
The truth revealed through indiscretion
Love at the mercy of the rules of society
What does it all produce
A primal struggle for survival
Balanced with self-destruction
Sociopath or artist
Very little difference in the end
Breathe breed and consume
Crawling on a small blue world
For thousands of savage years
And then comes you
Making the insanity all worthwhile
Finding meaning between your legs
Discovering hope between your breasts
Watching beauty in your eyes
Obtaining truth in your soul

14 March 2013

The Hardest Love

The black hole
that is my soul
Where no light nor love
can escape
What you have put there
will forever remain
in a fragile
tender state
Your love as hard as a diamond
easily cutting through my heart
The distance between us
bound together by our savage artistry
When you cry the tears burn
falling against me like fiery rain
Your smile is the blinding sun
illuminating the morning sky
An unspoken language
between us through our eyes
blocks out the rest of the world

Through the years
Through the decades
Through the centuries
Body to body
Heart to heart
Soul to soul
Forever bound
Never torn
The hardest love

14 February 2013

Sylvia Plath

Red is your lipstick
Crushing against my mouth
Death is a weapon
A hand grenade
A gun
Love is won and lost
Meaningless in a bitter dream
Resurrection is calling
But it is more favorable
To enter a fetal position
And die
The voice of God may save us
Or blind us in the light
You need someone to kiss you
Smear that lipstick on your face
Hold the warmth of your body
Fight back the disgrace
The fear will dissipate
Down the sewer grate 

To be with Sylvia
In the darkest winter night
Would satisfy all my desires
Destroy all my anxiety
Wipe away my tears
I would drink in the kitchen
Eat the last cake
Hold her in my arms
Forget all my mistakes
And die with her

27 January 2013

Kisses On My Face

She walked into my life
Sitting next to me
With a smile
The universe opened
At that moment
So many dark days
Eclipsed by the sun
of her countenance
A moment frozen in time
that was meant to be
Electricity racing down
my back
Revolution of consciousness
Kisses on my face
Regal in her demeanor
Prayed for love
Ravaged by betrayal
In the neon night
The galaxy turns
Darkness of night
not quite so lonely
Empty streets
not quite so desolate
Broken hearts
not quite so fragile
As we embrace
under a starry sky
The warmth of our bodies
being shared
At last

03 December 2012

Love Entwined

Two lives that came together
Lucky in love with a twist of fate
From a chance meeting
That we cannot forget

The time had come
Paths that intersect
Mining destiny
For topaz in your eyes

I thought that all was lost
Washed away in a dream
Across the dimension
You met my needs

I want to see you
Leave the past in shreds
But nothing can tear apart
A love so entwined

Eclipse the sun with the moon
The darkness will not last
The brightness of your soul
Cascading down to me

Our connection is forever
I feel you here now
As we are ready
To unravel mystery

19 November 2012

Unexpected Angel

Heaven between her legs
On a motorbike
She enforces the karma
Of the afterlife
This lady has style
She will redeem you with her smile

With a toss of her hair
She captures my gaze
No need for words
I understand her ways
So in tune with the truth
She will always find the proof

Her leather boots have stiletto heels
That have punctured their way into my heart
The rings that she wears
Are symbols that she plays a part
She controls our destiny
A new marauder for you and me

I see her on the horizon
She is coming for you
To help you through the night
A witness to everything that you do
There is nothing that she does not know
Look inside, are you friend or foe

31 October 2012

My Forbidden Angel

We pray for love and hear nothing
Desire love and are still waiting
A time to prove feelings and emotions
As the sun blinds us with gold
Love is not a strong enough word for my feelings
We will have to invent a new language
She is an angel
And so beautiful
Could she fall for me
The choice is hers now
Our paths seem so entwined
A romance so designed
Our secret safe in my heart
As she travels the world
Calling every city her home
Out of the blue
She hits my town
I know how much she missed me
When I hear her sing my name
She is all sweetness and tenderness
What can our life be
We come from two different worlds
You fly the skies
And spread your joy
I wait for you here
Feeling you every day
Love and beauty intertwined
Wrap your wings around me
As you nurture my soul

30 September 2012

My Forbidden Book

My forbidden book has words and images 
A forbidden poetry that speaks to the soul 
A forbidden angel who haunts my dreams 
A renegade sensibility lost in the desert
of a no man's land 
I want to make an impact on my world 
Let the powers that be know who I am 
A force to be reckoned with 
A cascading fountain of life and art 
I can see the burning feelings in your face 
Existing beyond the lens 
Interpreted through the word 
At play with light and shadow 
Tied up with what we say to each other 
I see something inside of you 
I listen to what you express to me 
Make love to the avant garde 
Feel the tension of my conviction 
The beauty remains hidden behind the mask 
Show me which feelings betray our humanity 
My angel transcends time and space 
She inspires words and captures the light 
She is poetry in motion 
I can feel the rhythms 
of her young life 
Make sense of her graceful gaze 
She brings me to the end of my journey 
Takes me by the hand and leads me 
to a new dawn

31 August 2012

Symbol Of Salvation

I knew what Poe meant by the Raven
When I saw you against a blue sky
A madman caressing your body
And you gave in with the abandon of sensation
Exposing the futility of love in the sun

Love is better reserved for midnight
When all the tragic dreams can unfold
All of the things we said to each other
As I spooned you against a fence
Resurrecting in our souls

I kissed you in the car
As if we depended on each other to breathe
I gently put my hands on your breasts
And we clung to each other for life
Nuzzling each other like wild animals
Smelling the scent of each other like cats

The memories do not die
Not in the garish sunlight
Nor in the blackness of night

Our love borders on insanity
As we damn common sense to hell
We do not care who is watching
Even if it is the whole of humanity

You embrace me even as they watch
Almost taunting their voyeurism
Are we the mad ones
Locked in the arms of each other
Or a symbol of salvation
For a jaded world

28 August 2012

***Poetry And Photo E-Books***

My Forbidden Book---Kitty
My Forbidden Book---Jody
The Heart Of The Beast

31 July 2012

All Forgiven

She told me she wished she never had me
Because I had disappointed her so much
I should have had the title Monsignor
Or at least Father
But I had turned my back on the
Roman Catholic Church
And I was damned to hellfire
But the sins of the Church
Are forgiven
Certain favors performed
By the altar boys
All forgiven

25 June 2012

Is It Love Or Hate?

In a foreign land
A young woman on her own
Silently dancing through the night
Her red hair is prized
As well as her statuesque beauty
And her pretty face
She speaks to no one
Dancing for money
Gyrating her body to the sound
Contemplating her future
Designing a way out
The past a vagabond dream
Slowly slipping away
Memory is dimmed
Hidden in the shadows
A distant reality
Existence is a cage with no way out
Death is no final exit
Life is within the parameters
The determination on her face
Her smoldering eyes
Is it love or hate?
I think both
Hatred for the limitations of the world
Love bleeding out of her soul
As red as her heart
As fiery as her hair
As radiant as her art
As penetrating as her stare

23 May 2012

And I See Your Beating Heart In The Setting Sun

Marked by clouds
Concealing stars
And all the lovely tattered dreams we shared
In a daze of altered states including love
Fermented by hope and pain
I held your youth in my hand
Your eyes revealed the depths of your beauty
Which cannot be betrayed
My body against yours
Your full womanhood against me
The private things we shared that only we know
A love for us alone
No one else existed in the room
You are my daughter
And my wife
My sister
And my lover
Forever in my heart
Cutting my soul out with a knife
A smile of relentless seduction on your face
Addicted to you for a lifetime
It could not be any other way
And I see your beating heart in the setting sun
Your beautiful dress fluttering in the breeze
My heroine for all to see
I know you have faith in me
Protectively watching me
My queen on high
You belong to the world

30 April 2012

Crimes Of Poetry (The dawn is a forbidden dream)

Telling the truth
Will cause you a lot of trouble
Commit the crimes of poetry
Dig through the savage underbelly
Every sexual dream
Everything you want to take as your own
Does the heart die
Will the sentence be passed
How much time served in this prison
Ripping apart the veil of secrecy
Exposing the truth in the light
Feelings dragged down an empty street
Love is killed in the night
Will they call you scum
For being accused of these poetic crimes
Wear it as a badge of honor
Burn down the night
Steal all visions
The dawn is a forbidden dream
Beyond all of our desires
I will see you there
Your hair lit up by the first rays of the sun
Never losing the love we share
As the rules of society
Are abandoned at daybreak
And I take you in my arms
Under a cloudless sky
Not caring about the price
Not caring about the sacrifice

30 March 2012

Pain Of Loneliness

A devious demented diatribe
About the stars falling from the sky
And landing in your eyes
I still feel the touch
Of your hand in mine
Over the years of darkness
Through the years of bliss
All of the things
I wanted to say to you
Hidden in the clouds
Derided by the sun
Anticipated by the night
I wish the world would stop
And we could make a swift exit
Swept up in our more pleasant fantasies
Circumventing the pain in our souls
Augmented by a starry night
That we share together
I would be with you
Throughout all of your days
However bleak or sweet
Forever entwined together
In our most private solitude
Where we shut out the world
And speak to each other
Through our fragile hearts
As we prove our love
To each other
And to the world

22 February 2012

Descent Into Madness

You and I are covered with the black shroud of nihilism
Tortured by the walls of our minds
Driving each other into a deep dark abyss
Covered by gray ashen clouds of fragile dust
Crippled in a cavity of calamity
Hold my hand in the darkness
Comfort me in this hellish pit
You hold the key to my soul
Shelter me from savage oblivion
Nurture me in the void
Descent into madness
The light has been extinguished
We hold on to each other
In the cold dark cellar of our minds
Grasping at each other for solace
Oh wet cavern of pleasure!
My judgment swayed by passion
As we move through fantasy
Losing touch with reality
Falling into the infinite abyss with you
It is too dark to see the demon in your eyes
Longing for the rites of Spring
Are you forever mine?
Do not forsake me in this labyrinth of hopelessness
Hold me close to your heart
Guard my soul with your gaze
Look deeply into my eyes
With total devotion
And unconditional love

30 January 2012

I Am A Masturbator (A soft wet glide)

The tissue box is by my head
I hope the neighbor girl does not see me
As she walks down the back steps
I am thinking about a woman I know
She has nice legs
They are soft and lovely
My cock is getting hard thinking about her
I work my cock and balls with my hands
And think about her statuesque beauty
As if she were standing over me
I recline on my sofa
She kneels and bends over
Her red lips wrapped around my cock
Her soft hands petting my balls
It feels so good
I am feeling light headed
She mounts me
And slides my cock into her pussy
A soft wet glide
Up and down
Up and down
Her rhythmic motion
Bringing my semen close to the head
I pull several sheets of tissue from the box
Her feet are under my legs
Her hands grabbing my balls
As she rides me
I put the tissue over my cock
And cum into it with a groan

20 December 2011

American Whore

Oh brazen wife of Lucifer!
Oh mommy of us all!
Oh scatological suffering at your hands!
Oh trembling at the touch of your sanctified stiletto heels!
Oh how you attend to the sacrosanct powdering of the balls!
Oh eternal wife of Satan!
Oh revolution of the libido!
Oh milk laden breasts that are bursting!
Oh the sensitive nipples of the goddess!
Oh the pleasure of nursing!
Oh the taste of mother’s milk!
Oh the professional surgical circumcision!
Oh maternal symbol of the moonlit night!
Oh tall blonde in boots!
Oh truly she has explored the boundaries of perversity!
Oh enchantress from a golden age!
Oh queen of all animal passion!
Oh forever under your charismatic spell!

We are doomed to live in our hypocrisy
Licking the genitalia of American Whores
I am an American Whore
Filthy motherfuckin' American Whores aren't we?
And our children have no chance
We are all whores aren't we?

Deranged and disturbed and depraved
Personal and confidential
I feel vulnerable with you
Please don’t hurt me
I love it when you nurture me

30 November 2011

Mommy (Our tongues danced to the infernal tempo of lust)

She was my girlfriend
Her mother hit on me
Mommy was so beautiful and sexy
I could hardly resist
I could not resist at all
Mommy was wearing black lingerie
With little pink bows near her crotch
Mommy enticed me into her bedroom
She removed her clothes
In some kind of devilish strip tease
A woman in her forties
Mommy had blonde hair cascading down to her shoulders
I always loved the stiletto heels and stockings
That she usually wore
But all of a sudden she was naked before me
Yes butt naked before me
Mommy grabbed me by the shoulders
Kissed me hard on the mouth
Our tongues danced to the infernal tempo of lust
Mommy straddled me and inserted my penis into her vagina
Riding me with a rhythmic motion
Her daughter, my girlfriend, entered the room and proceeded to lick my balls
Until I came hard as a result
Mommy came soon after me
After I withdrew from Mommy
I took her daughter’s clitoris into my mouth
Exciting my girlfriend to climax with my tongue
Her Daddy entered the room and asked if he could join in
I said I had to go

26 October 2011

Death By Vodka

And they found
All the empty vodka bottles
Around the room
In silent tribute
To the memory of the deceased
The clear ocean had drowned someone
Who got lost in its impure waters
Fading in the distance from a toxic shoreline
Lapsed into a deep sleep
A warm enveloping coma of death
So peaceful
So serene
Without worry or concern
For this world

15 September 2011

Heart Of Darkness

I stole the title
The way I want to steal her heart
Traveling through the jungle of her emotions
Conrad and Eliot knew how I feel
Awash in the river of her soul
Pushing onward onward onward
Kurtz should have been a woman
With the beauty and madness
In her eyes
In the flowing mane of her hair
I feel the madness myself
Sanity slowly slipping away
I am thankful for the insane moments
As Poe was
I want to be a thief
Possess everything that is beautiful
Everything that is rare as ivory
Not because of the money
Because I lust for beauty
I lust for passion
I lust for everything that she is
I want to be the blood flowing through her veins
The savage river of her body
Her heart is a dark place
The light and the love cannot escape
But remain in her heart forever
It is so beautiful
Her shining beauty
At the center of all darkness

01 September 2011

Suicide Pact Poem

If you want to kill yourself
I am here
To take my life with yours
Without a thought
A suicide pact
Between your feelings and mine
Because I am in love with you
And fuck the reasons
I do not care what anyone thinks
About the love we share or how much I drink
If you want to die
I will go there with you
To the gates of hell
I will follow you down
If the madness calls I will answer the phone
It is better than suffering a life all alone
Dig your nails into my chest
And rip out my heart
It belongs to you
With blood on your hands
Grab me by the throat
Kiss me on the mouth
Rip open my pants
And fuck me hard
If you want it to end
Please take me with you
Then we could find some eternal peace
Forever in your arms
My face in your sweet breasts

25 August 2011

The Sheets Are Red With Blood

Eyes that read my soul
When I feel that I am drifting
Memories of long ago
When I would stand and listen
Time changes a lot of things
But not everything changes

I need to understand
All that has happened
It all went by so fast
That I felt like I was drowning
I pulled myself out of the depths
Where I was lost and gasped for air

I feel connected to you
Like there is no end
To everything we feel
About the past
And all the pain we carry inside
Is easier to bear

All the things I need are here
But you are the exception
The days go by, the sunset bleeds
The nights are stained and lonely
I talked myself into believing
We were for the ages

I will have my love for you
Until I die
With nothing left to prove
The sheets are red with blood
From all the times we did not care
What time it was

14 August 2011

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick
Smeared across her lips
Dominatrix boots
As black as night
That she wears with abandon
I love it when she sings to me
And looks me in the eye
Baptizes me with liquor
Burns my soul with her smile
I can’t let her go
Haunted by memories
Years pass in a haze
Doing what I have to do
I wish I could see her
Outside of the sonic waves
Emancipated at dawn
I have nothing but love for her
Our hearts are fragile and breaking
Scratch marks down our souls
The fire that rages inside
Destroys all heartache
Cleans out the wounds
I want to see the happiness on her face
That eclipses the sun
Deliverance from pain
In the light of joy
She is my girl
I will hold her in my arms
Until the world ends

08 August 2011

Sex Poem

Mother of Jesus
I am so fucking high right now
That I hope no one notices
Let me tell you about a girl I know
We fucked in the summer heat
Our bodies sticky with sweat
I was fixated on the wound on her hand
And the moles on her back
The sunburn that grazed her skin
As we fornicated against each other
I buried my face in her hair
Taking in all of her scent
Sex poem
Ready for you
Welcome to the human race
Not always so pretty
The look on your face
As you ride your orgasm
Your body is a paradise of curves
A soft and gentle cat
Ready to bite and scratch
Stand in your stiletto heals
Presenting your ass to me
A vision in white
Yes you are the ocean mother
Holding on to my balls
With your soft hands
As I come
Kissing your smile

30 July 2011


The first time I fucked you
You were like an animal
A desert beast
I did everything I wanted to do
And you let me
I know we are animals
Love is in a cage
A memory of the past
But I never thought
That the act of you and I
Could be so tempestuous
That some would call it bestiality
Our union was not sanctioned by God
But only by our own primal influences
And if I am the Devil
You are the slithering snake
You don’t care if lust is love
Or if you look me in the eye
But our deaths will be all we know
When this game comes to an end
And I don’t care if there is a God
Or if your betrayal makes any sense
Because I would rather be dead
Than to live without you for another day
Let me die in your arms rather than suffer
Another day
Fuck it all to hell
Eat death
And fuck all of the wayward angels to hell

26 July 2011

Amy Winehouse Death Poem

Fuck death anyway
What does it mean
We are all going to die
No matter how well we live
Leave a mark you bastards
Instead of hiding in the shadows
The corruption of the world surrounds us
Eating away at our souls
Hypocrisy at our throats
Choking our artistry
27 club
We were all used
Passion made a buck
A fucked up list
That we should worship
So screw it all to hell
I don’t give a fuck
Everyone on that list
Would tell you
To just goddamn grow up
They gave their art
Nothing more is owed to you
We take their deaths as ransom
For the banality of our lives
They paid the fucking price
Does it matter
Shall we suck off the grim reaper
Death is welcome
For us all

19 July 2011

Her Uncle's Hand

Her Uncle’s hand was clasped tightly over her mouth
She could barely move from the force of his hold
Don’t scream, he commanded
Don’t make a goddamn sound
I’m going to let go of you
But don’t scream
Letting go, he attempted to touch her breasts and crotch
Once again, she let out a blood curdling scream
He put his hand tightly over her mouth
Silencing her
Alright, I won’t touch you
But don’t scream
Don’t make a fucking sound
Do you understand
She nodded as well as she could
Against the force of his hold
I’m going to let go of you
I will not touch you
As long as you don’t make a sound
Again she nodded in his grasp
He released his hold
She remained mute
All you have to do is watch, he said
He unbuckled his belt
Pulled down his pants
And pulled out his erect penis
He proceeded to masturbate himself
In front of her eyes
Until his messy climax

16 July 2011

Necrophilia Poem

Welcome to the game
Drag all of the pink roses
With you to your grave
You were pretty honey
When you were alive
But now your cold dead lips entice mine
I want to feel your dead flesh
As I caress you dear
I see you now as pure perfection
Deserving all of my worship
My goddess
My icon of love
You left this world forever
And far better off are you
The warmth of a living girl
Does nothing for me
I want to put your cold dead arms around me
You are not missing so much
The living hustle for a buck
I use my spit as lubricant
On my blood engorged cock
Slide it oh so delicately
Into your lifeless decaying cunt
I smell you as God meant you to be
Returning your corpse to the earth endlessly
All who abused you in this life
Shall suffer the eternal tortures of hell
The church bells ring
The children play

14 July 2011

Cutting Poem

When the stares turn to shock and rage
All they see are the scars I bear
How could you do this
The story starts with the knife I used
Dragged it across my arm until it felt good
Blood hits the air as the brightest red
This is my pain
Now I am in control
Wipe the blade clean
And wash all the scarlet stains away
Sometimes I cut along my upper thighs
Beyond detection
Cannot talk about the feelings
That are ready to destroy me
No use to cry or get angry
Drag the sharp edge across my leg
Oh God it feels good
Pressing so deep to find what I need
Emotions inside me are going to explode
Until I am dripping my blood
Far away from this life is where I want to go
When my heart is in a golden cage
Everything is spinning out of control
Need to take a hold
With all that I have left inside
Forget the shame
Do not ask me why I do this
Let the rivers of blood subside
As I put away my knife

09 July 2011

My City Could Kiss The Mushroom Cloud

See it all around me
Every day
Rarely meet a strong person
You give a fuck what someone else thinks
Life in this world is a joke
Let us kick back and laugh at it all
No one really cares after all
My city could kiss the mushroom cloud
Would you fucks care
Too busy sucking each other off
If death came you would welcome it
Prelude to something crawling up your ass
You don’t give a shit
Cowardice in your spine
Run the yellow light
A mother kills her child
No one really cares
They are just bored
Afraid to go home
And confront their own
An asteroid may hit the earth soon
The ultimate cleansing
The human race has to prove itself worthy
Fuck it to the last pit in hell

18 June 2011

Burning City

Out of the haze of a burning city
I would travel a million miles to see you
Not through space
But through our souls
It rips me up all the more
Icon standing at the door

Cease to exist without your love
Without you
None of it would make any sense
My back against a wall
In a forbidden desert
With all hope eternally lost

The cat in your eyes
Holding my gaze
Some kind of cosmic miracle
I live forever by your side
As always
Your transcendent beauty does not subside

Do not ask what it all means
A fragile moment enduring through the years
As we never let go of each other
The world spinning out of control
I embrace you fully
An attempt to find some peace among the ruins

12 May 2011

Immersed In The Dance Of Souls

Dim the lights
Disrobe in near darkness
Move through the shadows as sultry leopards
Flesh upon flesh
Embracing each other's strength
Feeling breath and heat
The sadness and the joy
As the night unfolds
Collapsing in each other's arms
Vulnerable through intimacy
Love has made its mark
Pleasure parallel to pain
Immersed in the dance of souls
Throwing caution to the sky
Driven on by impulse
The softness of your form
Radiant and wild
Merciful in the execution of love
Outside of culture
Not limited by convention
Transcending all borders
The kisses are wet and pure
Touching in a trance
Annihilation versus romance
Sever from the physical world
Withdraw when all is done
Magical and rare
The quiet and the stillness
That engulfs us both

30 April 2011

I See Better Days

In your style I see better days
After all we have been through here
Night and day are slipping away
But I still feel your presence near
And I know
You can take it all
So it goes
With an angel doll
When I’m low
I’m going to make you see
You’re the one for me
And I never will let go
On the street darkness always reigns
Feeling beat by all the past lines
In this game no one really gains
When we love we pay all the fines
And I know
You can take my heart
So it goes
Reckless from the start
When I’m low
I’ll take you by the hand
Make you understand
And I never will let go

16 March 2011

Forever Marked With Fame

You stare at me so sweetly
calling me to you
Living on the wages
of love rising from the street

Randomly forsaken
the world sets the rules
Damaged beyond heartache
only you know the truth

You feel it in your soul
if there is such a thing
The rain from the sky
drenches all you know

It is a pattern beyond breaking
from me to you
The only way we can truly shake
and dance in a sultry move

And so there I leave you
walking on the stage
You seem extremely happy
still in a sonic groove

You are beyond faking
life smashing through the pain
The passion you are making
forever marked with fame

23 February 2011

Fragments Of A Dream

Waves and waves of pain
Smashing against the rocks
As the cold wind envelopes the day
Destiny has fallen from the sky
Leaving our hearts barren
The breeze sweeping through your hair
Drying your flowing tears
Longing for the light
It melted away with the sun
Bringing only darkness
Fragments of a dream
We struggle to remember
Of your body under the covers
Pressed against mine
Devoid of the external world
The heat of our embrace
Driving us inward
Into a new reality
Your beautiful eyes see through me
Leaving the world behind
Your stellar life
Forever in my presence
Giving our hearts love
Alchemy of emotion
Raising us from the depths
Of the physical world
Forgetting the war
Between hopelessness
And fate

31 January 2011

Young Nubile Angels On The Run

Young nubile angels on the run
Pursuing Hollywood dreams
Growling with shaggy fur
Female felines looking for fun
The Boulevard beckons all the babies
To strut their stuff
Take life by the horns
Rocketing from the icons
To forge a new path
The City of Angels drags you in
And spits you out
Whether or not you win
You have the beauty
The rock and roll power
Pursue it on the stage
During the killing hour
Awash with chemicals and love
Laid bare for the world to see
A miracle of excess and wisdom
As plotted in the past
In a fevered dance
We are not sheltered
From romance
The love in your eyes
Staring into mine
Damn the world
And the expression thereof
Your flesh against my back
Remembrance of your hand in mine

15 December 2010

A Vision From The Angels

Emotion falls down like rain
As the tears on your face
Drop to the ground
Impossible to let it go
Because love dug too deep
Planted the seeds in the earth
Blooming without respite
The years make no difference
Time is an illusion
The past only prelude
For an obsession of the future
The poetry a mere veneer
For the passion that lies beneath
The world and stars will die
Leaving nothing but our love
Romance is only a word
That fails to capture
What is between us
I can see you before me
A vision from the angels
Graceful in the light
Looking for happiness in your eyes
We will be there soon
No matter what the darkness brings
How much love
Brings the dawn
Nothing will kill these words
Or what they mean to you
I feel you here close to me

06 December 2010

Your Heart Is Beating In My Hands

You thought it was the end
Hoping for oblivion
Only to find awareness
Rising from the ashes
Life can be murder
A ceremony of foolishness
Your heart is beating in my hands
Speaking the truth
Marking time with wisdom
Men like strange pussy
Women want what they want
After the sex
They collapse in each other's arms
Awaiting the first rays of dawn
After the day breaks
I still want to see you
Not on some twisted turns
Derailed by the rules of society
Some kind of fragmented honesty
Because we are so used to the lies
Whatever makes us comfortable
Needs to be shredded
As we look at each other
I see your eyes and your lips
Fragile is your soul
Not beyond repair
The hustlers die regardless
Of their cheap treasure
You are not one of them

09 November 2010

Make Sure That Passion Is The Source Of The Flow

I would replace the sun with you
Basking in your rays
Curse the night
For interfering with my gaze

Magnify your visage a thousand times
Across the world for all to see
All the other maidens
Mean nothing to me

I see you dancing
Underneath the lights
Your wicked smile
Hides something that bites

On the stage for me
Your beauty intoxicates
Something rare and true
That tempts the fates

Destroy all rules and laws
When they encroach on you
Because the rest of the world
Does not know what to do

It all comes full circle
Any way that we go
Make sure that passion
Is the source of the flow

13 October 2010

Crush The World For You

The deepest ocean in your green eyes
Forever lost in your smile
Along the darkest streets you are with me
I feel the warmth of your heart
Penetrating the cold night
I am never apart from you
Remembering your touch
Time has no meaning
Distance means nothing
The world spins regardless
As empires rise and fall
Your image in my mind
I can feel you here
Blonde tresses framing your face
Thousands of years can slip away
Without breaking what we have
I want to take all of your pain
And smash it with my hands
Crush the world for you
Drain all of the loneliness forever
No reason left to speak
Except to express love
Pour out my heart to you
So you can understand me
How much I adore you
Never want to make war
You know everything that I have
I want to give it to you
Be yours completely

04 October 2010

Destroy City Blocks With Your Eyes

Worlds melt away in your fiery tresses
Your dreams bloom as flowers in Spring
Pulling me in with the majesty of your vision
I know that you feel me

Not caring about what is proper
Outside the limits of society
Reality takes hold of us
Only for so long

Cut through the sadness and shame
Feel my strength as I embrace you
I have been there all along
You and I are the same

Our humanity brings us together
Whether we like it our way
Or we decide to compromise our dreams
We are blood and flesh

You can cry on any street
Wonder who is there for you
Destroy city blocks with your eyes
Let the coldness envelope you

Or leave it all behind
So it does not touch you
It is only a fading memory
Lost in the past

07 September 2010

Smash The Stars Into Oblivion

Words not spoken
Only felt in the heart
Discarding social convention
When I look you in the eye

The moment is ours
Everyone else in the room
Will cease to exist
As you and I bond forever

Smash the stars into oblivion
The remnants aching on the sidewalk
A bloody evening ends
Completely out of focus

I only want you to feel free
Coming from a place called love
Spread your angelic wings
And cover me

The battlefield is inside of us
Although we project it on the world
Take these scars from my soul
Add them to our pain

Passion is a word
Multiplied in your gaze
These feelings take us to a place
Beyond this world

26 August 2010

Now I'll Rip A Hole In My Heart

I want to take your face in my hands
Tell you what you mean to me
Look deeply into your starry eyes
Bury my face in your flesh

Don't say it's the time to be alone
Let me take you to the ground
Tear up all the years between you and me
Rip each other's hair out

Life is just a waste without your smile
I feel your body against mine
As if it were yesterday coming alive
Not caring who is watching us

An image for all time
I knew your name before anyone
Living in my eternal dreams
To me you mean everything

Now I'll rip a hole in my heart
So you can put some love inside
I never want to feel your tears on mine
Unless the pleasure is unendurable

Reach deep inside with your hands
Take my heart and make me understand
I want to feel your love again
Never going to hurt you

31 July 2010

This World Is A Vagabond

In love with the moon
The starlight in your eyes
A goddess of the city
I want to get lost in your stare

Holding on to the remnants of hope
Looking for another chance with you
Falling into your tender world
As you take me by the hand

Fragile thoughts separate us from each other
A barrier that needs to be smashed
Destroyed in the night
Never to block us again

If you love me I will die in pain
Reject me and I feel relieved
The deeper we go the more red the flow
I pray for you to hurt me once more

When I open my heart to you
You can cut it with a knife
Or take it in your arms
Heal it with your kiss

This world is a vagabond
Forever lost in a dream
You capture me with your eyes
Save me from despair

30 June 2010

A Paradise Of Pleasure And Pain

Blackness of shades
Thunderbolt in your eye
It all is a dream
As I wonder what brought me here
To such a beautiful strange place
All I need is to look in your eyes
And I live for a thousand years
Falling into your arms as we drift away
Let no one enter our sacred space
I remember the sweet and profane
Shining from you through the night
Melancholy feelings fade away
As I hold you in my gaze
I search for what is deep in your heart
A paradise of pleasure and pain
In the shadow of our desire
The world is something we abandon
We do not need those rules
Confining passion that we feel
You are my love
Setting me free on your wings
The most beautiful soul I have ever seen
Life is a maze that makes no sense
Logic collapses into a mess
Love is all that is left
The only thing we can give
After all is lost
All I see is you
Looking into my eyes

18 May 2010

Forever In Search Of Another Day

I will read that story
Promise you I will
The one about how you felt
In the morning haze

Counting all of our lovers' graves
The sky can bleed the sunset
Turn the moon against us
Drag our sorrows into the night

Forever in search of another day
That shone upon our faces
Warming our flesh
As we welcomed the sun

There is a boldness in touch
A misguided reverie in pain
I would welcome you in my arms
In the darkness

The sun rising
A pure feeling of joy
Fueling the earth
Making us whole

Not content to sit in the shadows
During a radiant dawn
Bask in the light
Embrace it

27 April 2010

I Want To Ride The Rays Of Hope

Solitude fading
A new dawn approaches
Breaking down the barriers
Of a long cold night

Healing warmth arises
Symbolized by the sun
Embracing our sensibilities
With a new kind of peace

I want to ride the rays of hope
Far into the future
Beyond the morning's apex
Crashing into another sunset

Never forget the sorrow
That we learned in the darkness
Receding as a memory
Taken back with the tide

Intersperse the madness
With tales of oblivion
Only to be forgotten
Under the careful watch of your eyes

Finalize our fealty
Coordinate our dreams
Falling hard in the present
Connected with the now

30 March 2010

A Wild Rabid Dream Of Ours

Felt it inside my heart
A wild rabid dream of ours
Pushing through the day
Melting in the sunset

The night waits for no one
A black veil demanding action
Before it is lifted in ecstasy
Intimacy unleashed

No rules
Abstain from the dictates of lies
Something sensed in your soft eyes
Before the weakness of rampage

Talk of courage is suspect
Let us all dive into the abyss
Smelling each other's blood
Tasting each other's breath

Caressing soft smooth flesh
You ask me with your eyes
Elevated awareness of charisma
Sanctioned by your smile

The allure of your breasts
Your nipples brushing my skin
As the sunset turns red
Dissolving into night

28 February 2010

Step Down From The Stratosphere

The world could drown
In its suffering
Give up its universal crown
Step down from the stratosphere

Fires could rage through the city streets
As long as I could drink from your heart
Escape the rising smoke by pure will
And the door to my freedom is clearly marked

All along it wasn't such a damaged life
As long as I could always leave town
And the bottles rolled through
Me sitting next to you

The strange path between you and I
Just as the sun would set
The night would steal
The trials and tribulations of the day

If your heart finds itself next to me
Don't break down and cry
Something in your last sigh
Don't break down and cry

If your latest plans seem absent of me
There is nothing that I can do
Except break a rule or two
In the early morning light

26 January 2010

Beyond The Stars That Light The Way

A vagabond on the city streets
Standing in the night with style
Another girl with nothing to lose
Watching the headlights pass on by

Beyond the stars that light the way
Feel the cold against your bones
Looking for someone to inspire you
Expose your beauty to the world

As your soft flesh is touched
Breaking all known rules and regulations
Being consumed by rising passion and force
A natural state of mind as far as I know

Searching for the last remnants of a dream
Battling back the trail of hypocrisy
Let me see the spirit in your eyes
Carnal energy transforms us

You see another solution
A way to escape the bitter avenue
Transform our lives with your beauty
Your power breaks through all existence

Hold them close to your heart
The destitute dreams of yesterday
The daybreak gives you strength
To make your next choice

04 December 2009

The Eyes Of The Eagle

On the edge of attainment
Treading not to carefully
Prefaced by initial rites
Awaiting communion

Return from exile
Circumnavigate desire
Explore the oceanic depths
Of the heart

The solitude is suffocating
Enveloped by distance
At odds with language
Mesmerized by memory

All is spoken through your eyes
As premeditated as your touch
Secretive as your smile
Penetrating through your gaze

Observed under your protection
Enamored of your strength and beauty
Confronted with the force of your will
The presence of your power

Break through the icy moment
The regal disposition
The eyes of the eagle
And into your soul

30 November 2009

Let The Jaded Teardrops Fall

Perceiving an eclipse
A bitter end followed by a new beginning
Caressing your face in my hands
I see the emotions in your eyes
Communication without speaking
Feeling our way wordlessly
The way you blush and understand instinctively
The world does not exist between us
Nor the hearts that have been broken
Evolution of desire
Accepting the inevitable
A reality hidden in the present
To be unleashed in the near future
Take my name as a lioness hunts her prey
Let the jaded teardrops fall
I see the angel in you
Presiding over a fanciful cabaret
The glitter fading in the starlight
Breaking into the realm of abandon
Feel my flesh against yours
The softness of your skin appreciated
The wetness of your mouth
Your breath upon me
Hold a dream hostage
Let time decide who rules
I feel your moist fur
Triangulation of access
You want the animal spirit
To penetrate your soul

07 October 2009

Fire And Ice

From the abyss of depression
Came a ray of hope
The depths of the sea
Were conquered by you long ago

I needed to hear your siren call
Before I lost my mind
Even if you led me to my death
Crashing into rocks and foam

Brutal epiphany of consciousness
Played out in a wild scene
Your voice loudly proclaiming

How many days escaped me
How many nights betrayed
As you surveyed me
To make sure I followed the way

Eyes that burrow into my soul
An embrace of pure strength
Statuesque and stately
Radiating beauty and power

Fire and ice
In remarkable interplay
Drawing me closer
To feeling alive

15 September 2009

Ready For Anything

Two bit cabarets
Not a question of shame
A passage of years
Lapsing into antiquity

Your eyes stare through me
Piercing my spirit
Sudden realization
Jolt of recognition

So carefully you played the game
Leaving nothing to chance
Cards held close to the vest
Until the final hand

One cycle ends, another begins
Taking it all to another level
Learning to let go of the past
Just like you told me

Your strength is captivating
Beauty relentless
Mind brilliant
Heart unfathomable

Ready for anything
What we show each other
What we share
When hands are joined

02 August 2009

All These Dreams Invading Me

I feel your love
From across the table
Sense it in your gaze
Warmly through your smile

You wait for my word
Focus on me
All these dreams invading me
Discarding the rules

I have seen the emotion in you
Heard it in your voice
Felt it in your presence
Let it wash over my spirit

Doubt plagued my heart
Made a prisoner of my intent
A wicked feeling
Bringing only despair

You walk in the sun
Holding on to your fate
It is not just me
I am here regardless

How can this go on
From dawn to dusk
On the edge of intensity
Between us

12 July 2009

Untamed In A Forgotten Scene

Some kind of clean vision
Transfixed in the light
Aware of her dreams
Untamed in a forgotten scene
Do you remember back when
You and I first met
The way the city felt
As we slipped it in
The night cascading
It was all I ever wanted to be
At one with your soul
Burning down an isolated road
Your eyes are no mystery today
I feel the remnants of your pain
The strength in your heart
Holding my hand from across the room
The things we wish could be said
How long can we keep them inside
Make excuses forever
Wait for the sky to conquer the rain
And pretend we do not care
I see the look on your face
In control of your world
Taking hold of my spirit
With no plan written on the wall
Have the flames laid waste to everything
We used to know
How to live without telling
Down here with the smoke

30 June 2009

I Do Not Know Why I Do This

Smiling like the sun
On a beautiful summer day
Regal in your grace
Silhouetted against the sky
Fragile under a tough exterior
Arisen from the sea
Once the pincers lock into place
You are hers forever
To be nurtured and adored
Within her shell
I do not know why I do this
It feels as if I have been hit
Surrounded by your love
There is no escape
I want to protect you
As you defend me against the world
Dying to be in your presence
The only place I find peace
You envelop me in a gentle fortress
When you feel hurt
The pain in your eyes is a whirlpool
I sail the storm to help you
Almost overwhelmed by your despair
The sun eventually breaks through the clouds
And beams through your entire body
Summer is here
The faint aroma of spring remains
As I look forward to seeing you everyday
By the shore

31 May 2009

Carpe Diem

To catch the rays of the sun
Basking in the glory of light
The flowers of beauty are in bloom
Nature at its peak
Riding the high wave of the cycle
I want to keep it all there
Forever at the zenith
Make a fortress of this perch
As the world keeps turning
I feel your heart beating
Deep inside of you
Is a spark of immortality
Impervious to any wound
When you took me in your arms
It felt as if you would crush my bones
We stood there conjoined
I wish you could escape the frail twilight
Ignore and postpone the dusk
Steal whatever still shines from the stars
You kissed me so hard I thought you would kill me
We cannot fight time
Or what it does to how we feel about each other
When the darkness falls I hear you breathing
At dawn your beauty returns
Like a silent film star
Preserved for eternity
A bird taking flight
Against a clear blue sky
Carpe diem